If You Like Dreamland (Utopia)

One of my all-time favorite TV shows is an Australian series called “Utopia” (in the US: “Dreamland” on Netflix).  It’s a comedy centered around a government infrastructure planning and development office (the Nation Building Authority), and the frustrations of bureaucracy and incompetent colleagues.  Even if that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, I promise you the scenarios and characters are spot on, and the humor is quick, deadpan, hilarious.

I am making my way through the recommendations, and here’s my breakdown so far.


  • The Thick of It (IMDB)
  • The Hollowmen (IMDB) 2008, TV series by Working Dog
  • The Games (IMDB) 1998-2000, TV series
  • The Office (both UK and US versions)
  • Parks and Rec (IMDB) 2009-2015, TV series
  • Better Off Ted (IMDB) 2009-2010, TV series


Not Reviewed Yet:

  • Frontline (in the US, “Breaking News”) (IMDB) 1994-1997, TV series by Working Dog
  • Veep (IMDB) 2012-2019, TV series
  • Twenty Twelve (and followup show W1A)
  • Outnumbered (IMDB) 2007-2016, TV series

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