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    Clematis Arch

    All three of the clematis vines on the arch are blooming this week. I relocated three clematis vines from other parts of the yard to this arch. They don’t always bloom at the same time, but this spring they did.

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    New Old Canoe

    Maiden voyage (for me) of our old Grumman 17′ aluminum canoe. What a nice way to spend time on the water. Also I’m told the day’s wordle was “canoe” so that’s fitting. This is the Rocky River near Cleveland Ohio, just upstream of the Emerald Necklace marina. It’s a really nice area and very accessible from our home. Miles and miles of connected river valley and multipurpose trail right through the city. It’s surrounded by inner-ring suburb neighborhoods but it’s easy to forget when you’re down in there in the valley. Some disappointing brown paint was added by a previous owner. According to the registration it was made in 1982…

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    Lone Tree

    I just love this tree. Cleveland Metroparks Top ‘O Ledges Picnic area, Hinckley Ohio USA.

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    Locust Tree Thorns

    Locust trees look like something from space. The thorns are believed to have evolved to protect the trees from browsing Pleistocene megafauna (mammoths, giant deer, etc) [1]. (Wiregrass Lake Metropark, Toledo OH USA)

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    Hiking Near Cleveland

    This is my working list of hiking trails near Cleveland.  I’ve tried the hiking areas in the following table. The table below contains a list of hiking areas I have heard about, but I haven’t tried them (yet). Resources Northeast Ohio Hikes and Bikes