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    Blockchain Skepticism in Cleveland

    Cleveland civic leaders are gaga for blockchain right now.  Organizations are pulling together in an uncharacteristic way, in support of Bernie Moreno’s moonshot “Blockland“. This week, Noriel Roubini’s delivered well-researched statements for the Senate banking committee, on why cryptocurrency is a scam (“the mother or father of all scams and bubbles”), and blockchain is massively overhyped (“In practice it is nothing better than a glorified spreadsheet or database”). Roubini is a professor at NYU, studies asset and credit bubbles, and correctly predicted the 2008 mortgage crisis. Roubini is not the first to raise concern about cryptocurrency, but he has includes something you hear less often:  critical statements about the future…

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    How To Market Yourself as a New Software Developer

    You’re fresh out of college or code school, and you want to market your tech skills.  How exactly do you get those first gigs?  Here are some tips based on my experience in the field. Be honest about your capabilities. Some people will say “fake it till you make it” but that doesn’t work for me and I’m no good at it anyway. I’d rather work with someone who knows their limitations than someone who thinks they know everything, and that’s the sort of person that I try to be. Figure out how to acknowledge your inexperience without making it sound like a problem. “I have only been working with…

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    Spice Up Your Next Web Demo with Bats

    I decided to add a little spice to a web demo that happens to fall on Halloween.  Thanks to Eric Grange over at DelphiTools, it was super easy. I updated his script slightly, to allow control over when the bats appear (and how many there are).  You can link to my js file, or download it here.  To use it, follow these steps: First – Include the script in your header. <script src="http://static.twomile.com/bats.js"></script> Then – Call makeBats() and give it the number of bats you want to appear. new BatManager().makeBats(15); That’s it!  Let me know what fun you have with it, and be sure to thank Eric for the original.