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    1828 Penny

    This is a US penny from 1828. It lives in my front pocket and reminds me to keep new shiny things in perspective. It’s just a simple penny, yet it has endured for 195 years. When this penny was created people traveled by horse and carriage over rutted roads. It would be another year before the typewriter was invented, 9 years before the telegraph, 11 years before the bicycle, 52 years before the electric lamp, 65 years before the clothing zipper, and 155 years before the internet.

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    Settling In

    COVID took my writing here in a weird direction. I wrote a series of methodical-yet-irregular diary posts about the details of what I was feeling and what was happening in our lives, but after a couple of months the importance of that writing fell away. I think I was using it as a tool to process my feelings about the world, and eventually moved to other approaches. So, an update. Everyone’s healthy and fine. Our girls have started the school year from home, and we’re having beautiful late-summer / early-fall weather in Cleveland. We’re all settling in to a schedule and a new set of expectations. Susan and I are…