About Me

I’m a software guy and I’ve been building systems, products, and businesses for 21 years. I’m well-versed in security, cloud & web-facing technologies. I’m a data-oriented polyglot & I have been known to wear a tie.

I love javascript & science fiction, old-time fiddle and banjo tunes, bluegrass and jazz music, aquariums and fish, and spending time in the woods. I live in the wonderful city of Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and work all over the world.

Working in software allows me a lot of flexibility to spend time with my wife and daughters.  We enjoy camping, road trips, music, museums, factory tours, just about any kind of adventure we can find.

More details on my professional life are available on LinkedIn.  Semi-professional ramblings can be found on Twitter. Email is corey {at} coreysnipes.com

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