Croissants in the Solar Oven

Here’s my first shot at cooking bread in my GoSun Sport solar oven. A can of store-bought crescent rolls. 8 to a can, I could comfortably fit 4 in the cooking tray, so I stashed the rest in the fridge for another day. I greased the tray with a bit of butter to make removal and cleanup easier. Cook time was about 50 minutes.

This was too long; they were overcooked. Fresh bread requiring no fuel or electricity though! Miraculous!

  • 3 out of 4 were overcooked on the outside, but moist and tasty inside
  • All were easy remove from cooking tray
  • Food further down the cooking tray (away from the handle) cooks faster
    • When checking for doneness, pull the tray most of the way out
    • Better to load most food away from the handle if possible
  • Tray cleanup was minimal; nothing stuck to tray or glass tube

Conditions: Good direct summer sun, limited clouds, 3:00-4:00 pm (ish). Outdoor temperature was somewhere around 82°f/28°c. Located in northern Ohio USA (appx 41.5 N latitude).

Equipment: GoSun Sport (older model) purchased on eBay for $150 with shipping. See this post for more info on the oven.