Political Compass

The Political Compass has been around on the internet since 2001.  Their essential point is that Right and Left politically are mostly a measure of economics, and that people’s politics is better measured by adding a second dimension (Authoritarian vs. Libertarian).


One of my friends from college nudged me to do this via Facebook message.  Distinct from the garbage heap of “how do you score on this quiz” that swirls around Facebook, this is well-crafted, timeless, and supported by a great deal of research.  Taking the quiz was interesting and thought-provoking.

My Political Compass

My profile is shown here.  My profile in the context of (other) historical figures is in this attached PDF.  (The names are rather difficult to read unless you’re viewing the high-res version. Thus, attaching.)

They go to great pains on the website to say “placement within a quadrant is artistic only, so don’t nitpick us about Ayn Rand being to the right of Friedman, etc.: But still, it’s interesting to note that my dot falls spot-on my man Bernie Sanders.  Seeing Hillary Clinton to the right of Donald J. Trump is just weird.