Developing an Open Source Drone Mapping / Object Counting Workflow

This is the main project page describing my work to develop and document an open source workflow for drone mapping and object counting using WebODM/OpenDroneMap, QGIS with Deepness plugin, DotDotGoose, and YOLOv7. This project is being conducted during the Winter of 2023/2024.

Links: Project Overview | Research Notes | Workflow Document


Create a repeatable recipe that a semi-technical audience can use for setting up their own internal tooling without commercial vendor dependencies.


November 2023 (3 weeks)* Object detection tool research and testing
December 2023 (2 weeks)* Prototype workflow setup and testing
* Automobile and bird detection
January 2024 (3 weeks)* Workflow documentation development
* Testing with additional object type detection
* Custom model training and testing
* Workflow refinement
February 2024 (4 weeks)* Draft release target: Feb 10, 2024
* Final refinements
* Promotion

Current Working Tools

  • WebODM (for aerial photo processing to orthophoto)
  • QGIS (for orthophoto visualization)
  • QGIS Deepness Plugin (for object detection)
  • DotDotGoose (for training set development)