COVID-19 Journal – 5

Thursday April 16 (Day 32): I’m not feeling the journaling this week. What was strange and scary is the new normal. We have routines, and they mostly work. The biggest challenges arise from failing to meet expectations, and setting realistic ones. My mother joined Susan’s family call this week, and it was lovely to have her as part of the group. The Tokar family reunion in Toledo, an important and long-running gathering for my wife’s family, is canceled this year. Many people report more time for connection with people by phone, mail, and video conference. We’re still connecting and building relationships, just mostly not in person.

Friday April 17 (Day 33): I offered up some 3D printed “ear savers” to neighbors through two local Facebook groups and it basically exploded with requests. Scrambling to coordinate with people I know in the area who are doing this sort of thing.

Saturday April 18 (Day 34): Some yard work, but mostly Ear Saver coordination. Working with a guy in the next town over who I know through local startup stuff, and we are also being supplied by a local organization who is dedicating 5x printers to local PPE needs.

Sunday April 19 (Day 35): More ear saver printing and bagging. Writing this entry from 6 days in the future and I don’t remember exactly what else I did this day.