Cedar Point

We are lucky to be an hour’s drive from the world-class amusement park Cedar Point. We finally took the kids in October. The ride cameras aren’t the best, but this one so perfectly captured our collective terror on the Magnum XL200

(Weird crop because I had to cut out their crappy auto-frame.)

Me, just trying to figure out why I voluntarily got on this thing.

She is willing to ride nearly any coaster, but she’s not sure about this one. Her hair is basically pointing straight up here.

I don’t know this guy, but yeah I get it.

Just before this ride, she was starting to accept that big roller coasters might be OK. Definitely took a few steps back here.

My wife is 100% down for any ride at the park, and is genuinely having fun here.

This is probably the best approach, honestly.

Cedar Point is a special place. Some of the most noble human ingenuity goes in to amusement parks.