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    Why I Am Leaving Denver

    My wife and I are planning a family move in 2018, relocating from Denver to Cleveland.  There’s no one thing that’s pushing or pulling us, really.  Many things aligned to make this a good time to consider a move. There’s lot of great stuff happening in Denver, and it’s a neat place to be.  When I talk to people in other parts of the country, they often say “Oh, you’re lucky! I’d love to live out there.”  Intentionally giving it up seems odd.  Since people have been asking, I decided to provide some more detail why I’m ready to leave Denver.  (Why Cleveland? See here.) It’s Expensive It’s not San…

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    My Family

    My amazing wife Susan is a UX designer, artist, business leader, and woman in technology.  She founded and runs the consultancy UX Within Reach. We are blessed with flexible work arrangements, and two fantastic daughters. We currently live in Denver Colorado, and will be moving soon to Cleveland Ohio.  (For more on this, see Why I Am Moving to Cleveland and Why I Am Leaving Denver.)

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    On Being a Working Parent

    Q Digital Studio interviewed me about my professional life, and how it’s changed since we’ve had a new baby. The full interview is here.