Cleveland Area Local Drone Laws

This is my working list of drone regulations in the Cleveland Ohio area. It is checked periodically to ensure it is current, but rules change frequently so it’s possible something is missing or out of date. Do your homework when you fly. Where local and state laws don’t restrict drone use, you must still always adhere to federal (FAA) regulations.

Ohio - StatewideNo additional restrictions. (Oct. 2018)
City of ClevelandNo additional restrictions. Police can enforce FAA rules. (Apr. 2016)
Cleveland MetroparksFly in designated areas only. May require separate permit for filming. (Jul. 2019)
LakewoodNo additional restrictions. Drones explicitly permitted in parks as long as they are not interfering with others’ enjoyment. (Aug. 2018) (Jul. 2019)
Rocky RiverNo additional restrictions. (Dec. 2016) (Jul. 2019)
Avon LakeNo drones in parks unless authorized by Avon Lake Recreation Dept. (Jul. 2019)
Bay Village