Corey Snipes

Father, Founder, Bassist


I'm a proud and involved father, technology entrepreneur, and upright bassist. I live in beautiful Denver, Colorado, USA, and work everywhere. I believe technology and business can be a force for good in the world, and do my best to make that a reality.

My amazing wife runs a web design studio and online magazine. We are both blessed with flexible work arrangements, and two beautiful daughters (2 1/2, and 6 months).

I've been the primary founder or co-founder of several organizations including: my college fraternity, an on-site computer repair business, a Colorado nonprofit technology meetup, a Drupal web development firm, an online volunteer tracking application, and a smartphone tour application for visual art.

I started playing upright bass about three years ago, and took an interest in bluegrass in 2012. I play bluegrass at jams and informal circles, and will lead a family-oriented outdoor jam at Berkeley Park in Denver in the summertime.


Nu Piece

Nu Piece is a platform for smartphone-enabling public art. It helps municipalities, corporations, and public arts organizations provide mobile interpretation for their public art collections, through QR codes and NFC tags.

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Jiffy Decider

Jiffy Decider is a conference session tool. It helps conference planners manage their session submissions, session selection and voting, and related email notifications. It's simple to use, and a valuable time-saver for conference organizers.

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Twomile Heavy Industries

I founded Twomile in 2003, as a general-purpose web and software development firm. Even in a weak US economy, we grew steadily in clients, staff, and project complexity. We narrowed our focus to Drupal development and infrastructure in 2009, and continue a brisk business in that area today.

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I co-founded this online volunteer time tracking application in 2010. OurVolts provides web-based and mobile time tracking, as well as graphs and reporting. It is used by nonprofits and municipalities of all sizes.

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